• LCD/DID Screen

    Ultra narrow bezel LCD display unit has reasonable price,can support seamless tiling of video wall.

  • Indoor and Outdoor LED

    Provideo is capable to support both indoors and outdoors LED product.

  • Projector

    According to the actual needs of users, we can provide various types of projectors for education, media and government application, and other fields.

  • Switch/Central Control

    Provideo is able to provide central control system for the multi-media classrooms, smart meeting room, control rooms, command centers, etc.



  • Volkswagen Kowloon Centre Show Room

    86” Professional LCD Panel1.9 m ( L ) x 1.16 m ( H )

  • Tsuen Wan Plaza

    PH4 Indoor LED Panel Size:1.152 m ( W ) 4.608 m ( H )

  • Bossini Enterprises Limited - HKIA

    2 x 2 55”(3.5 mm) UNB Video Wall

  • SF Express Ltd – Asia Logistic Hub Centre Control Room

    Logistic Hub Centre Control Room- 55”(3.5 mm ) UNB   4 x 2 Videowall- PowerDisplayer video con...

  • Hong Kong Sanatorium Hospital – Conference Room

    55” ( 3.5 mm) UNB 2 x 2 Videowall4 x 4 Seamless switch


Provideo Digital Ltd is a leading and well-known video solution provider in Hong Kong. Provideo refers to Professional Video, we are able to put IT, AV and software platform together. This unique combination allows us to provide a very comprehensive video