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Smart and Interactive education

Smart Boards can Enhance Students’ Learning Experience as it can improve learning and engagement among students and facilitate better communication. Provideo provides two kinds of interactive education tool including Smart whiteboard and Smart blackboards with different features: 

Smart Whiteboard
PV- T Series 4K UHD/LED Interactive display which supports resolution up to 4K and including the following features:

  • Four-point projection function which support 4 platforms real-time wireless transmission

  • Real-time screen recording function

  • Support 20-point touch, flexible and convenient, strong interaction

Smart Blackboard
Smart interactive blackboard is an All-in-one smart interactive board which includes the following features:

  • All-in-one-Smart interactive board and blackboard

  • Chalk and whiteboard pen can be used for writing in shutdown or sleep mode

  • Multi-point nano touch which allows multiple people's interactive writing

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