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Successful Stories-Academic

Renovation an old Campus TV studio

Provideo Digital ltd is experienced in designing and building an entire new Campus TV studio and renovating the old and outdated Campus TV studio. Provideo renovated and upgraded a Campus TV studio for a primary school in April 2020 and the outcome is definitely satisfactory and stunning.


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室內大型直播 live streaming
Campus TV 校園電視台

Graduation Ceremony live feed streaming

Due to unexpected COVID-19 pandemic, most schools in Hong Kong suspended or changed to online graduation ceremony. Provideo provided live stream support to allow students and parents could reach the ceremony with insignificant delay in July 2020. 

Interactive education tools

Provideo installed interactive education tools including Smart Whiteboard and Smart Blackboard for both primary and secondary school in Hong Kong which could benefit students by improving engagements and interactions among students and teachers. 

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