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Professional Audio and Video Solution

Provideo Digital Ltd is a leading and well-known video solution provider in Hong Kong.
Provideo refers to Professional Video, we are able to put IT, AV and software platform together. This unique combination allows us to provide a very comprehensive video solution to suit different customer needs.   

Our Services

Our Services include HD Virtual Studio/ Portable Education System/ Real-time Video Streaming/ Smart and Interactive education/ Video Wall Solution/ Soft Edge Blending/ Assistance to application of Quality Education Fund (QEF)/ Sister Sharing Scheme Fund

Our Services

4K Virtual Studio

Provideo will able to support a full digital school TV solution includes Virtual Studio, digital information system

Portable Education System

As one of the lightest portable streaming tools in the market, PowerMTP allows the user to stream anywhere.

​Stem room and School Design & Build Solution

Provideo digital limited is experienced in providing solution for Stem Room and Innovative Lab with different theme such as IOT and AI.

Smart and Interactive education

Smart Boards can Enhance Students’ Learning Experience as it can improve learning and engagement

TV Wall Solution

Video wall display in the business, broadcasting, application security industry has made great strides

Indoor and Outdoor LED Wall

Provideo provided video solution services including LCD panel for Multinational corporations including Volkswagen, Rolex and Hugo Boss etc

Special Room Design & Build

Provideo has been honored to continue providing design and construction services for distinctive rooms in various schools

4K Real-time Video Streaming

Real-time audio and video transmission solution, Support encoding and network transmission high such as 4K and HD video streams

Origin of Professional Video

"Path to Professional Video"

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